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Why use self-storage?
Self-storage can provide an affordable solution to any situation in which extra space is needed, and just about anything can be stored in self-storage facilities. Self-storage unit sizes can range from a small unit to hold files or clothing to larger units that can store items as large as boats, cars, RVs and the contents of your home.
Trust SSAM members
Self-Storage Association of Michigan members practice their businesses with the highest level of quality and professionalism. They offer facilities with varying options and sizes to accommodate almost anything you need to store. When you choose an SSAM member storage facility, rest assured that your storage unit will be secure. Many of our members have facilities that contain external gates or fences, password codes or access cards to enter, and security cameras. Search our member database to find a self-storage facility near you.
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Common uses for self-storage
Storage For personal use
  • Free up some extra space in your home
  • Store possessions during or between a move
  • To lessen clutter in your home while it is up for sale
  • Store seasonal items such as outdoor furniture, tools or lawn equipment RV Storage
  • Free your closet of off-season clothing (store your winter clothes in the summer; store your summer clothes in the winter)
  • Space to store your RV, boat or motorcycle in the winter
  • Store the contents of a college dorm room between semesters
  • A temporary home for your possessions during a military deployment or work relocation
Business storage For business use.
  • Archiving documents, files and paperwork
  • Storing office furniture and equipment
  • Warehousing stock
  • Freeing up office space for infrequently used items
  • Sales materials, tradeshow displays, exhibition equipment
  • Bulk storage of office supplies

Tips for packing and storing your belongings
Self Storage is a convenient, safe, and inexpensive way to store your belongings. Proper planning will make for an efficient and cost effective storage experience. If you plan or need to frequently use the space, a larger space may be more convenient than one packed to capacity. Here are some helpful suggestions to keep your valuables and keepsakes stored safely.
  • Plan your storage space. Place items in front that will be accessed frequently. Allow for walkways.
  • Completely fill each box with your heaviest items on the bottom and lighter items on top.
  • Try to keep your boxes in uniform sizes. They are much easier to stack that way.
  • There are prohibited storage goods that every storage facility will NOT allow. Common sense and state laws determine what may be stored. Be careful not to store anything combustible, (such as paint and chemicals), or perishable, (such as food that is not permanently sealed).
Storage Tip:Pictures and mirrors should be wrapped in cardboard and marked "FRAGILE." Stand them straight up ... never flat.

Storage Tip:When packing boxes, try to limit the weight to 30 lbs. or less per box.

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